Silhouette Optical frame 5523 Silhouette Optical frame 5523 2
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Silhouette Optical frame 5523  Particularly comfortable. Extremely light. Hypoallergenic material (SPX & Titanium).
Silhouette Optical frame... Silhouette Optical frame... 2
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 Silhouette Optical frame 5500 9240 Particularly comfortable. Extremely light. Unisex line. Hypoallergenic material (Titanium & SPX).
El Greco Optical frame... El Greco Optical frame... 2
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El Greco Optical frame GR9281C3 Unisex line. Vintage design. Χειροποίητος σκελετός. Medium-sized skeleton. Tartaruga (coffee with water).
Charles Stone Optical frame...
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€66.50 €95.00
Charles Stone Optical frame NY052C7 Vintage design Distinctive color Particularly light Medium-sized skeleton Unisex
El Greco Optical Frame...
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Optical Frame El Greco GR9286C10 Unisex line. Vintage design. Handmade frame. Medium-sized frame. Matte & distinctive color.
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